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Paper Magazine editorial

The streets of New York are where we find some of the best looks around–particularly now that high-fashion athleisure is at its peak. Photographer Cathrine Wessel took to NYC’s back alleys and byways for this fashion photoshot story to show that kids with style run these streets. Check out the Photoshot below to see how to look haute while parkouring across the cityscape.

Fisher wears Dama coat, Adidas hoodie and pants, Greenfisher shoes.
Alyda wears Jarret collection coat, Aoko Su earring.
Chauncey wears Audra coat, Aoko Su earring.

Alyda wears Jarret collection coat.
Tiffany wears Marimekko skirt and top, Thii coat.

Grey wears Shahista Lelani dress, Alpha Industries jacket, Adidas sneakers.

Alyda wears Victoria Hayes coat, Koral bodysuit.
Chauncey wears Victoria Hayes top, I.C.B. knit sweater and trousers.

Salomon wears Marna Ro jacket, Outdoor Voices t shirt and shorts, Wilson socks, Greenfisher shoes.
Tiffany wears Koral jacket, Patricia Padron skirt, Adidas socks, Nike sneakers.

Fisher wears J Papa top, Woodhouse pants, Lucio Castro sweater, Greenfisher shoes.

Chauncey wears Wilfried Lantoine coat, Matiere shorts, Hue socks, Stephen F shoes.
Solomon wears Araks tank, Woodhouse pants.

Tiffany wears VS Sport bra, Victoria Hayes skirt, Koral jacket, Adidas socks, Nike sneakers.
Alyda wears Koral top and pants, Marimekko boots.

Fisher wears Christina Economou sweater, Black Hyland t shirt, Marimekko trouser, Nike socks, shoes and briefs.

Solomon wears Lucio Castro sweater, Blake Hyland shorts, Acne Studios T shirt, Hue socks, Greenfisher sneakers.
Tiffany wears Shahista Lelani leather hooded top, Svilu dress, Asteria Active pants, Diadora sneakers.
Chauncey wears Billy Reid coat, Blake Hyland t shirt, Kelsey Randall mesh vest, Woodhouse shorts, Hue socks, Stephen F shoes.
Fisher wears Lucio Castro sweater, Billy Reid trousers, Nike sneakers.
Alyda wears Koral body suit, Laurence Decade shoes, Hue socks.
Grey wears Thii skirt and top, Maxime Hernandez tank
top, Adidas sneakers.

Alyda wears VS sport bra, Cinq-a-sept dress, Adidas pants, Diadora sneakers.

Salomon wears Blake Hyland top, Matiere shorts, Hue socks, Diadora sneakers.
Chauncey wears Allina Liu top, Calvin Klein tank top, Asteria Active pants, Diadora sneakers, Adidas socks.